What College Coaches Think of the FPOS  Recruiting Camps  and our signature "Virtual Showcase"**

"FPOS recruiting camps have been crucial in helping me identify and monitor the progress of players outside of my region and state. The virtual showcase is effective in introducing me to new talents executing their skills to get my attention, or allowing me to go back and reevaluate a prospect that I had a high interest in during the live events. The drills and testing used by FPOS are honest and objective tools a coach can use in making initial decisions about an athlete's ability to translate their skills to  the college level. Video analysis alone will never take the place of live evaluation, but the staff at FPOS does an excellent job of putting what coaches need for easy access to student athletes at our disposal. "
Melvin Jenkins
Head Softball Coach
Vernon College

The virtual showcase allows me to follow up on a student-athlete that I might have noted. With the pace of the camp sometimes you're only able to jot down a few things. With the virtual showcase I am able to refresh my memory of the athlete and all of their skills and how they might fit into our program. 

The camp is designed to see all skills.   The base running allows me to see their speed, the athletic testing allows me to evaluate their athletic ability. The hitting allows us to evaluate them on the machine and with front toss. I am typically looking at mechanics here. Defensively on infield I am able to see them at a fast pace just like the game is played and with outfield I am able to see their range and arm strength. Pitching is my favorite because you are able to see the control and command of each pitcher and what they are throwing for 6 minutes. 

Coach Gower
Texas Wesleyan University
Head softball coach

"I love recruiting camp because you are guaranteed to see the player perform. Sometimes you can go to a game and never see a player pitch or get a ball hit to them."
Division 1 Softball Coach from Florida 

"If can see players from all around the country while sitting in my office - of course I will watch it!"
D1 SEC Head Coach

"Even if I see the player live at the camp - I will go back and watch the player again in the virtual showcase to get a second look."
Shannon Gower - TX Wesleyan Conference Champion NAIA Coach

"The Virtual Showcase helps me as a college coach with a smaller recruiting budget see players I would not otherwise get to see. I cannot afford to travel to as many tournaments as the big schools but with the "Virtual Showcase" I can still see players."
Northeast Division II Coach

 "I wish I had this when I was going through the recruiting process"
Brooke Guidry - Head Coach Ranger College

About the new "Unsigned Senior Event" at the Nov. All American Showcase in Plano, TX
I’m excited about the new addition to the camp and I look forward to sitting down with the recruits and speaking with them about Hill College.  I think it will be a good thing!
Leigh Ebner - Head Softball Coach - Hill College

To Elite Showcases from Lauri Adkins - U of Ozarks
“Just wanted to update you on recruiting.  I’ve had 15 girls commit for 2014.  13 of those are from Texas.  4 are from the FPOS unsigned senior event.  Two are very good pitchers :)   


** Please note due to NCAA rules college coaches cannot officially endorse a recruiting service.